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We have collected a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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What kind of artwork can I send you?
You can send us any drawing or illustration, though we recommend that you choose those where there is an identifiable main subject such as a character, animal or any other idea you created
How big is a Flunfy?
Every Flunfy is entirely handmade and available in two sizes: the standard size is 40 cm, the ExtraLarge is 75 cm
Can I send you photos?
Yes you can. As with the drawings, we recommend that you select those with a main subject such as a character, animal or any other idea you created
Which materials do you use?
Our team studies your drawing and selects the best fabrics and filling to suit the shape, color and final look of the Flunfy. We only use certified raw materials that comply with the most strict requirements in terms of toxicity and flammability, so that your new playmate is safe for you. The selection of the materials and our careful manufacturing process allow us to obtain the CE mark according to the European Toys Safety Standards
Is Flunfy safe for my child?
All materials and processes used to manufacture each Flunfy comply with European Toys Safety Standards. This is why all our products bear the CE mark and are safe to be used by children. In particular, all materials comply with EN71 regulations regarding toxicity and flammability requirements. The manufacturing process excludes any parts, like plastic or metal parts, that could detach from the product and become dangerous. Doc performs accurate medical checks on each Flunfy and certifies their suitability and safety for your children
Can you remake my lost or worn beloved plush toy?
Yes we can! Just keep in mind that for safety reasons our product will not include any plastic or metal parts that could detach and become dangerous. We will do our best to create a copy of your plush toy by only using fabrics and filling
Can you make a plush version of my pet?
Sure! Select “Flunfy Pet”, send us a photo and will do our best to make it as cute and soft!
When will my Flunfy arrive?
Each Flunfy is a unique creation and is entirely handmade. It is a long and complex job, as it is finding the right fabrics. We will ship your new Flunfy within eight weeks from your order. When placing an order, you can select options to get it sooner!
How much does a Flunfy cost?
We spend a lot of time in studying, designing, finding the best materials and creating your new friend. Each Flunfy is unique as your drawing is, and is entirely handmade. Prices start from 109 euro and depend on product type and size
Do you ship to my country? How much does it cost?
We currently ship to countries of the European Union (EU). Shipping to Italy costs 10 € for the first Flunfy, and 5 € for each additional Flunfy in the same order. Shipping to other EU countries costs 20 € for the first Flunfy, and 10 € for each additional Flunfy in the same order. If you reside in a non-EU country please contact us for a custom shipping quotation. Please be aware that you are responsible for any import and customs fees you may incur
What is my order status?
We send you order status updated via email.
If you have any question regarding an existing order, please send us an email at orders@flunfy.com , including your order number
Do you offer discounts?
If you wish to place an order for larger quantities, be them all different or based on one single image, please contact us and we will make a custom offer
Can I cancel an order I placed?
If you changed your mind and want to cancel your order please contact us, and if we haven’t started creating your Flunfy, we will be able to cancel it and give you a refund
I received my Flunfy but I don’t want it anymore, can I return it?
Your Flunfy is a unique creation completely based on your design, and for this reason we cannot accept returns
Which file formats can I upload?
You can upload JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF files
I need to manufacture large quantities, can you help?
Sure! We can offer bulk production, just send us an email including the image, and make sure you specify the desired quantity and size, and we will prepare a dedicated offer for you

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